Monday, March 03, 2008

Quick Tip: Never Lose Anything Again

So after getting ready to go out today I realized that I had lost my passport. The last memory I have of it was putting it somewhere it couldn't get lost...

I'd say 50% of the time when I put an object somewhere so I won't lose it, I end up losing it. My safe place is so safe, I forget where it is.

I thought of a pretty good solution for this problem this evening. I put my passport back where I found it and then I emailed emailed myself:

Subject: Passport
Message Body: In your backpack in the closet.

I also copied my brother on the email and applied the label "Stuff." This way when I lose my passport next time I can simply pull up my email and see where it is located.


The Big Dumb Mass said...

Good idea.
My idea is a little different though.
Create a file on Google Docs, Zoho, or Thinkfree (I use Zoho). Make a list of stuff and where it is on a spreadsheet.

Jason said...

Great idea. I use Gmail to remember all sorts of stuff (passwords, ideas etc) and keep track of files I might need later. Never thought of using it for things like this.

William Keating said...

yea but the porblem is by the time you do all that stuff you will never forget were it is cuz you'll remmebr you made a huge deal out of it the previous time. or you'll just forget about that old email sitting in your read colum. good try though but i think more trouble then its worth just keep it in your suitcase so next time u plan to go on vacation its part of you equipment.